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why invest with Bitrex Miners

Bitrex Miners Features

Safe and Secure

All trades on Bitrex Miners are protected by our secure escrow services.

Instant Exchange

Get Exchanges done at lighting fast speed with no hassle, no delay, and no undue complications.

24/7 Support

Our team of highly-skilled experts is on ground 24 hours a day, seven days a week, to give every users all the help they need.

Instant Withdrawal

Quick and easy withdrawals at maximum ease!

Cryptocurrency Trading

Bitrex Miners offers series of trading opportunities to it's customers.

Recuring Investment

Invest as many times as possible with us.

Frequently questions

  • How do I register with Bitrex Miners Company?

    Bitrex Miners offers an easy to use platform. You can register with Us in less than a minute. Click on to continue.

  • How can i buy bitcoin?

    For you to buy a bitcoin, you need to have a wallet address first which is where you can store your bitcoins or digital assets. Download Trust Wallet from playstore or appstore and create your own wallet.

  • What about investing with Bitrex Miners?

    Invest with us because our system is safe and secure, and more than reliable with 100% money-back guarantee.

  • what about the investment planing?

    We have three investment plans with are designed to suit your choice of invetment.

  • How fast is the withdrawal?

    Once you request for withdrawal, it's processing is instant.

  • How can i contact with you?

    Click on contact section on our menu or send message to

About Us

Who we are?

Bitrex Miners is not just a bitcoin exchange, we are the platform that gives you the power to make all your trading and investment dreams come true. We offer financial services aimed at making your trading journey easier and more profitable.

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Bitcoin Legality

Why Choose Bitrex Miners

Easy Trading

Our platform makes it extremely easy for trading.

Trading Strategy

Bitrex Miners provides the best trading strategies to their invetors.

24/7 Support

We guide our investors at interval and provides necessary support.

Security Ensure

Investments are highly secured with escrow services.

We are ready to fly with you.

Let us help you grow your stipends to massive income.

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Bitrex Miners Services

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Trade Bitcoin With Us

How work

Work Process


It takes less than a minute to register with us. Click on


Login to your dashbord and deposit any amount you wish.

Instant Withdrawal

Withdraw to your wallet instantly.

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Bitrex Miners packages

Our Pricing

Silver Plan
  • Minimum - $50

  • Maximum - $999

  • Percentage - 10%
  • Referral Profit - 5%
  • Duration - 1 Day
  • Instant Payment
Diamond Plan
  • Minimum - $1000

  • Maximum - $5000

  • Percentage - 25%
  • Referral Profit - 10%
  • Duration - 1 Week
  • Instant Payment
Gold Plan
  • Minimum - $6000

  • Maximum- $10,999

  • Percentage - 50%
  • Referral Profit - 15%
  • Duration - 2 Weeks
  • Instant Payment
Ultimate Plan
  • Minimum - $11000

  • Maximum - $100000

  • Percentage - 70%
  • Referral Profit - 20%
  • Duration - 3 Weeks
  • Instant Payment
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